Why do I need a wedding album?

I am a firm believer that prints, books, and keepsakes are an essential part of every photography package. While many photographers include digital files with their packages, you shouldn’t just settle for that. There are a few reasons why I always recommend that my clients invest in albums and prints and I’ve outlined them for you below.

1) You might never actually see your photos! OK, that might be an exaggeration, but imagine this… You get a memory stick of 1000 digital files, you print a couple 5×7’s for your parents, you might get thank you cards, you change your Facebook profile picture, and then you promptly misplace the memory stick. Now what?!

2) Digital files are expensive! Your package might say it includes digital files, but you’re paying for them. (Believe me, you’re paying for them!) You’re paying for the convenience of printing your photographs now and anytime in the future. While, at first, that might seem like a good deal, you will still have the expense of actually printing those photos.

It might surprise you to know that the products I offer are comparable in price to the products you’ll find online or at your neighbourhood print shop. They aren’t actually more expensive. However…

3) My prints are better than your prints! I work with printers and album companies who produce the highest quality products, and so I am uniquely able to guarantee the quality of the products I offer. When you order prints from 3rd party printers, however, I cannot guarantee that your photos will turn out exactly how they look on your computer screen.

In the end, it is actually more convenient and less expensive for you to order prints directly from me than to purchase digital files and order prints elsewhere. I can guide you through the purchasing process, share swatches and samples with you, and save you the headache of troubleshooting why your photos keep coming out grainy. I’ll work with the printers to ensure your canvases and books arrive at your door absolutely perfect with no more effort on your part than a few taps on your smartphone screen.

So what are my options? Good question! I’ve picked 3 of my favourite products and shared a couple photos below along with a short description, but the options are mind-numbingly endless! If you have something else in mind, let me know. Chances are I carry the product you have in mind, and if I don’t I can find it for you.

Albums & Books

Albums and books aren’t what they used to be. They’re not limited to leather covers and they are not filled with pages of plastic stuffed with 5×7’s. My albums, for example, are available in dozens of covers with attention to eco-conscious details. They’re designed with sustainable papers and fabrics and are handmade in the United States. Each album is unique.



Gallery wraps

Also known as canvas wraps, gallery wraps are a classic way decorate your home with your most cherished memories. In fact you probably have one or two hanging in your home already. They are simple, and the focus is always the subject matter and nothing else.


Lagniappe Canvases

If you’re looking for something with a little more character a Lagniappe canvas might be for you.

Lagniappe, pronounced lan-yap, is a Louisiana French word for “a little something extra.” And that is definitely an accurate way to describe these wall hangings. Your photograph is printed on the traditional canvas, then suspended between two pieces of reclaimed wood with jute and copper accents. Put together, these elements produce a beautiful vintage hanging poster unlike anything you’ve seen.



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