Camellia & Romel

Romance isn't easy for everyone. And neither is planning a surprise. But Romel knocked it out of the part with this Christmas in Collingwood proposal.

Alicia & Ghislain

Alicia and Ghislain's Collingwood waterfront wedding at Bear Estate was absolutely picture perfect. Get inspired and check out their real wedding here!

Jenn & Chris's Sunrise Engagement

I had a amazing time getting to know Jenn and Chris (and Farley). It was cold, but I almost didn't notice. These two have such warm, positive personalities which translated well in their engagement photos. Click the picture to see more from their session!

Irena & Josh's Nerdy Engagement

Spring has sprung. Well, almost. And that means summer is coming and it's time to start planning your romantic summer photo shoot. You can find some inspiration in this blog!

Monica & Brad

Monica and Brad's wedding might have been my last of the season, but it certainly wasn't the least. They had a huge party at Lora Bay with 200-and-some guests.

Congratulations Monica & Brad

On a cold and stormy October afternoon Monica and Brad were married…
collingwood wedding photography

Kerri & Brady

Kerri and Brady's original engagement session was cut short by slushy weather conditions. Lucky for all of us, we came back together for a great session both indoors and out at Coffin Ridge! Read this to see their photos.

Sam & Trevor

Sam and Trevor you were so much fun, especially with frozen fingers…
collingwood wedding photographer

You warm my heart

Jenna and Jérémie, I had a great time with you today! You two…