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Step 1.5: The Why

Contact Me If…

You should contact me if you’re looking for a creative experience!

You’re important to me, and so are your family and friends! They’re a huge part of your life story and this is something you should all look back on. For that reason I have an open communication policy with everyone.

And don’t worry. I won’t forget about you the day after. Nope! I’ll help you through the entire process of printing and finishing your artwork. Because the job isn’t done until you’re looking at your art hanging on your walls. I’m certain we’ll be great friends by the time everything is said and hung.

Step 2: Become Friends

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Hey, let’s get to know each other better! There are a few places we can connect online. First, whether you book with me or not you should join my Facebook community! You can also find my cats and baseball shenanigans on Instagram and see what inspires me on Pinterest.

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