More questions you shouldn’t ask your photographer

When I sit down with a couple who downloaded a long list of questions off the Internet things can get a little bit overwhelming and confusing for everyone. That list might look complete, but they're almost always filled with questions you do not and should not need the answers to. Read this to find out why and what you should ask instead.
January 12, 2017/by Sophia

Choosing your wedding photographer

Good photography will be one of the absolute most important parts of your wedding, but how can you be sure you're choosing the right photographer? Read this!
March 14, 2016/by Sophia

The Picture Perfect Guide

The Picture Perfect Guide will help you prepare for your photo session or photos on your wedding day. Click the link to download your copy of The Guide!
March 2, 2016/by Sophia

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

I'm loving this year's wedding trends. ESPECIALLY mini bars. Yum! Check out my favourites here!
January 29, 2016/by Sophia

After the wedding

What happens to your photos before you see them? What kind of editing is she doing? What is taking so long?! They should be ready by now! Read more here...
January 20, 2016/by Sophia

Don’t ask your photographer these questions

Here are 3 of the strangest questions I've been asked by couples inquiring about my wedding services. These questions will only result in a mess of information that has no impact on your wedding coverage. Instead, I've included some questions you might ask that will return real, actually useful information. Read this for the details!
January 11, 2016/by Sophia

My favourite moments from 2015

It's time for my favourite moments from 2015! These are the moments that burned a memory in my mind for the rest of the year. Click the link to check them out.
December 30, 2015/by Sophia

The funniest moments of 2015

I had a few belly busting laughs this season. Read this for my 3 favourite funny wedding moments from 2015.
December 16, 2015/by Sophia

Choosing your hair stylist

I sat down with hair stylist Jen Wagner from Hair Body & Soul in Owen Sound to discuss wedding day hair and makeup. Read this for a list of questions to ask your potential hair stylist.
November 4, 2015/by Sophia

9 questions to ask when hiring a wedding band

I recently had the chance to sit down with David Fraser about hiring a band or DJ. Watch the video to see our conversation.
August 12, 2015/by Sophia

How to prepare for a beach wedding that will [figuratively] blow you away

If you're planning a waterfront wedding you'll want to read these tips before putting the final touches on your ceremony!
June 17, 2015/by Sophia

7 eco friendly wedding favours

Have you thought about giving wedding favours your guests and the whole world will appreciate? Show the world how much you care with these eco-friendly wedding favours.
May 27, 2015/by Sophia

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