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2 Tips For Truly Romantic Spring Portraits

Planning a uniquely romantic photo session can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. A very quick search of Pinterest will show you tons of beautiful, swoon-worthy ideas, but for those who want to break the mould it might seem like everything has been done. (If you are one of these people, you probably shouldn’t browse Pinterest… Just a heads up!)

But here’s the mind-blowing truth. Romantic doesn’t have to mean hand-holding or making out in the rain. Romantic for you could be completely different than romantic for me, for example. So today I’ve decided to share a few tips for planning a truly romantic portrait session for you (x2).

1. Be yourselves

Are you an ooie-gooie, smoochy couple? If you just pointed at your open mouth with your tongue hanging out you probably aren’t. So don’t force yourselves to be. Be yourselves. Be funny. Be stoic. Be goofy. Be awkward. That is the best way to show how naturally happy you are.









2. Bring props with significance

You’ve seen the engagement ring and scrabble pieces, the couple posing with the vintage car, and the pair chowing down on a big box of pizza. (I made that one up, but if anyone is interested I’m free next Wednesday.) Adorable. If you’re really into the idea of props, consider things that have significance to both of you. It could be absolutely anything. Books… pets… pizza… Whatever it is, it will highlight your combined personality and what brought you together.






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No relationships were harmed in the making of this blog post. Thanks to Vicky and Niels, Amy and Tom, and Amanda and Nate for helping me out!