Bruce Peninsula family photos

Legge Family

Family is something to be proud of. And the Legges should be incredibly proud.

Ann and Murray have grown a family of loving and fun kids, kids-in-law, grandkids, and granddogs. And they are so proud.

Ann and Murray are probably the first couple of grandparents I have ever photographed who wanted to kiss on camera. Those of you who have worked with me before or seen me work know that I always ask families and couples to “look at each other.” Well, I took a few photos of just Ann and Murray together and was setting my camera down when they said, “Don’t you want us to look at each other?!” I picked my camera up again, and they looked each other straight in the eye, giggled, and then kissed like a pair of teenagers.

From what I saw at their session, these two set an excellent example for their children and grandchildren of an excellent loving relationship.

We topped off their family photo session on the Bruce Peninsula with some photos right in the back yard at sunset.

Bruce Peninsula Family Photos

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