My Story

I never met my mother’s parents. They both passed before I was born, but from the stories my mother has told me about them, I imagine that they are primarily responsible for my sense of humour. And thanks to many (many) photographs like in their wedding album, I can put faces to their shenanigans playing out in my mind…

blue mountain engagement photography

Kathryn & Leigh

Sophia has been superb to work with! We love the natural style of her photography. Since our first interaction, she has been communicative, transparent, professional and easygoing! We had our engagement shoot with her recently, it was such a fun experience and the photos came out great! We are looking forward to having her apart of our big day!

My Passion

Family photos are powerful and important! They house all of the feelings we have for the people in them, whether they’re of big life events like weddings or candids of your growing kids.

Photos hold deep meaning to the people in them and to the people who love the people in them. And they help us feel all of the love, joy, and grief that we’ve felt for those people and moments over and over again. Most people know this. But most people don’t like having their photo taken…

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Chels & Ty

Sophia was just amazing to work with for our engagement shoot. My fiance and I are not the most photogenic people but quickly realized that didn't matter. We were able to just be our pure natural selves and Sophia captured true moments that came out just beautifully. Her eye for the surrounding scenery is amazing. My only request for scenery was that it had greenery, water, and rocks. She was able to suggest a location with all of that. I can't wait to see our wedding photos now… just have to wait another 13 months. Definitely recommend Sophia for anyone looking for an excellent photographer that takes pride in their shots, catches natural moments and doesn't do typical poses.

My Mission

If you, too, hate having your photo taken, it’s probably because someone somewhere along the way told you that you aren’t photogenic. But I’m here to tell you that that is absolutely not true.

This is my mission! To help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. To help you see yourself the way your family and friends do. And to cheer you on as you bring this new sense of self-worth and gratitude into the rest of your life.

The Ridiculously Good Team

top ontario photography team lead

Sophia Lemon

Owner + Lead Photographer

I am your lead photographer, meaning that I will be at every single shoot you book with me. I may also bring any one or a combination of the people listed below. I host all photography consultations and I am the one you will speak with when it comes to planning your wedding or session.

Sophia Lemon on Facebook Sophia Lemon on Instagram Sophia Lemon on Pinterest #ridiculouslyhappyppl on Etsy

top ontario photography team framer

Kevin Bryan


Kevin is my spouse and the hands behind all things beautiful. He builds things like frames and picture blocks with solid and reclaimed wood. You might also see him at proposals with me posing as my fake model so that we don’t blow any surprises.

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. – Amy Poehler

top ontario photography team

Nikki Yeo


If you ever call or email me, chances are you’ll wind up chatting with Nikki. She handles a lot of behind-the-scenes details so that I can spend more time photographing ridiculously happy people like you. She will deal with things like emails, follow-ups, passing along messages, and managing my calendar.

Nikki Yeo on Facebook Nikki Yeo on Instagram

top ontario photography team hair and makeup

Katie Ballantyne

Makeup + Hair Stylist

Katie is a wonderful and skilled makeup and hair stylist. She works with me on all personal branding sessions. Not only does she provide expert hair and makeup services, her calm and kind personality helps many camera-shy clients warm up for the camera.

Katie Ballantyne Makeup Artist on Facebook Katie Ballantyne on Instagram

top ontario photography team photo editor

Suhas Vaidya

Photo Editor

After I’ve downloaded weddings and sessions and had a chance to pick my favourites, I send the entire session along to Suhas to be edited. He makes sure that all photos are properly exposed, sharp, and colour corrected. He saves me loads of time and helps make sure that you get to enjoy your photos as quickly as possible.

Suhas Vaidya on Instagram

People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing. – Dale Carnegie

top ontario photography team wedding photographer

Liz Gareri

Wedding Photographer

Liz is an incredibly talented photographer. What I love about working with her is that she creates beautiful, high-quality photos that I don’t see. When I’m working with Liz, I know that we’ll be delivering excellent and diverse photos from different angles.

Liz shoots with me at large weddings primarily in the GTA area.

Liz Gareri on Instagram

top ontario photography team wedding photographer

Nathalie Reid

Wedding Photographer

Nathalie is an energetic and fun photographer who assists with me on weddings across Ontario. I actually grew up just around the corner from her husbands’ family. What I love most about Nathalie is how she is always taking fun, creative photos of the wedding party while I’m photographing the couple.

Nathalie is also bilingual.

Brittany & Dan

Sophia was absolutely amazing to work with! My fiancé and I booked an engagement photo session with her and the entire shoot felt relaxed and natural. Normally, we both feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera but Sophia made it seem as though she wasn't even there. She picked some great locations for photos and the pictures turned out even better than we could have ever imagined. We truly recommend her!

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