cottage family photos

Grant Family

COVID-19 has changed life for so many people around the world. For some it’s temporary. Some it is permanent. For the Grant family, it is yet to be determined. But while I photographed these waterfront family photos, I learned that things have slowed down.

Prior to COVID, this family was living in Mexico. While Shannon’s work originally took them sound, she and Matthew wound up back in Canada with their daughter, Maisie the dog, and Bitzen the cat in a little cottage on Georgian Bay.

Waterfront Family Photos

Get The Kids Ready

Don’t you agree that this little munchkin is adorable in her family photos? Well, most families that I work with are at least a little bit nervous about having their photos taken with their kids. They look at photos like these and think, “My kids would never behave that well.” But the truth is that no photo session goes absolutely perfectly, even though it looks like they might have in the photos.

That’s why I share as much guidance with my clients as possible. And I want to share some of that guidance with you so that the next time you think of family photos, the prospect of a temper tantrum doesn’t hold you back. Tap right here to get my best tips on preparing your kids for your next family portrait!

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