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How Do We Find The Right Family Photo Location?

Choosing the right location is an important component in planning your next family portrait session. There are so many puzzle pieces to think about. For example, is this location meaningful to your family? Will there be shade? Will there be enough or too much sunlight? Is there enough room for everyone? Is this location accessible for all members of the family? And if you don’t already have any family photo locations in mind, you might be really stumped by all of the options.

Never fear! Below I have shared tips on what to consider when choosing a location as well as some of my favourite local spots for family portraits.

Is There A Lot Of Diversity In The Background?

Look for a location that has an aesthetically pleasing background. Maybe it will complement the colour scheme you are thinking of or maybe it will inspire you. You can choose a location that has natural features such as greenery, bodies of water, or mountains, or a location with interesting architecture or cityscapes.

Be sure to choose a place with multiple layers of interest in the background. For example, don’t just choose to be photographed in front of a blooming garden bed. Instead, choose a garden with blooming flowers, bushes, and trees. This will add depth to your photos and give you more variety to choose your favourite photos from.

The Georgian Trail

Trails make an excellent backdrop for photos as they offer a lot of depth to work with. The Georgian Trail is an extensive and wide trail system in the Collingwood area. With lot of room to work with, it’s great for both immediate families and extended families. Tap right here to check out more photos on the Georgian Trail.

Is It Accessible?

Make sure the location is easy to access. This is especially important if you have family members who have mobility issues. You’ll want to take into consideration parking, the distance you need to travel, whether there is seating and shade, and if everyone in the family will be able to traverse the area.

Collingwood Arboretum

When it comes to accessibility, you can’t go wrong with the Collingwood Arboretum. It features an extensive boardwalk and paved trails. And of course, plenty of shade from trees, benches, a stunning brick pergola, unique bridges, and more. Tap right here to see more of the Collingwood Arboretum.

Is There Lots Of Shade?

Good lighting is crucial for taking great photos. Lots of shade will always be your most consistent option for lighting. Open locations like the waterfront and open fields can be tricky to work with when it comes to lighting. If you are choosing a location like this, your best bet is to have your session photographed early in the morning, or just before sunset.

Can You Predict The Weather?

Check the weather forecast before you choose your location. You may want to avoid locations that may be uncomfortable or unsafe for your family if the weather is too hot, cold, rainy, or windy. As you are planning, take into consideration the time of year you will be having your photos done, and what the weather tends to be like that time of year.

Waterfront locations, like this Bruce Peninsula location the Nyhout family chose, tend to be unexpectedly colder and windier than inland locations. Depending on the time of year and conditions, they can be particularly slippery as well. So take these conditions into account when choosing your location. Tap there to see more photos on the Bruce Peninsula.

Is This Location Meaningful To Your Family?

Consider choosing a location that has special meaning to your family. Take, for example, the Mustard family, above. They chose the back of their family farm where they had rebuilt the family cabin many decades prior. Your home, a park where your family likes to spend time, or a place you all have fond memories of could be a great option.

More Favourite Locations

Family Photo Locations

Now that you’ve started thinking about where you might like to have your family portraits done, it’s time to start putting the wheels in motion. Tap right here to connect with me, share your location ideas, and share more about what you’re looking for.

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How Do We Find The Right Family Photo Location?