My Photography Philosophy

Do you love photos of yourself? Most people don’t. It’s common for my clients to actually tell me before our time together that they don’t photograph well, but this is never the reality. In my experience my clients are self-conscious in front of the camera because they’re expecting they won’t look like what they see on Instagram or on Facebook. But the truth is that no one looks like those people. Not even those people!

The truth is that people are picture perfect when they are themselves. Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself with a family member or friend and thought you looked terrible, but they’ve told you that you look amazing? That’s because they see YOU, and they love you.

This whole idea reminds me of Jesse and my first session in the new studio. When Jesse arrived he warned me that he doesn’t photograph well. Well, as you can see, that is not at all the case!

In Jesse’s own words, “But as we got started, the conversation was natural and I forgot I was having my picture taken. I was hanging out with a friend and of course, when I’m hanging out with friends, I tend to laugh.”

I recently had a similar experience when I had a shoot with my friend Candra Schank. I’ve had my photo professionally taken before, but always in-studio. This time we took it outside and in a setting I am totally in love with. I even brought my camera with me, and the results are more natural photos which, well, actually look like me! Check out the difference it makes:

Ultimately my advice is to be yourself. I know you’ve heard it before. It’s so cliche at this point, but it’s also totally true. Don’t go into a shoot trying to be someone else or look like someone else. Go somewhere that inspires you and do something you love. This is the absolute best way to get those photos that look like you: the super cool person your family and friends adore.


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