beautiful proposal photography

Carly + Tyler

Tyler was working for Carly’s birthday. Or so he told her. He sent her on her way for the day to have lunch with her mother and went about his day, which didn’t include any work whatsoever. Instead, he picked up the ring he had chosen for her, and took her for a walk before dinner. Why a walk? Because he had planned a Blue Mountain Village proposal for Carly’s birthday. And because it was right in their backyard, she had no idea.

Once he had popped the question, his job was done. And he had done well! Carly spent the remainder of our time together saying, “Oh my god!” every 5 minutes; the indication of a perfect proposal.

Blue Mountain Village Proposals

Are you reading this because you’re planning a proposal at Blue Mountain Village? I’d love to help make the response, “OMG!” This will be one of the most memorable moments of your entire relationship. Tap right here to contact me about your proposal. I’ll help you come up with a plan and send you home with beautiful photos that you’ll love for the rest of your lives.

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