Collingwood wedding photography

Heather + Colin

Since the beginning of COVID, I’ve had the privilege of working with couples who have wanted to do things… differently. Like Heather and Colin, whose wedding consisted of a roughly 5-minute ceremony at the Historic Collingwood Terminals, followed by about 30 minutes of photos of themselves and their families. After that, they were off to the bowling alley for blacklight bowling and pizza and beer for their reception.

No two weddings are the same. Heather and Colin’s wedding is a more extreme example of this. Many want to do their own thing, but have been turned off by the idea of having a wedding because of the pressure to adhere to the conventions of what a wedding should be. Heather and Colin contacted me because of my friendly way of communicating and my sense of humour. But they booked with me because I offered them a wedding package which suited what they needed. What they received from other photographers was standard 8-12 hour wedding packages, while I built them a wedding photography package of just one hour and some printed photos. This is all they needed.

Unique Wedding Photos at the Historic Collingwood Terminals

As you can imagine, it’s frustrating for couples to know what they want, but to continue to be told, “That’s not possible.” Heather and Colin knew what they wanted, and I just helped them make it happen.

If you feel like you’re in the same boat, tap right here to contact me. I’ll help you build a wedding photo package that is what you want–not what you’re told you should want.

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Heather + Colin