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Get the real tips I share with each bride I photograph.

Your copy of my Picture Perfect Guide for Brides includes:

1. 30 days of beauty tips
2. Instructions on how to prepare for your stylists
3. Tips to keep you feeling fresh all day
4. Super simple posing tips
5. Emails to keep planning for your wedding on track

Meet Sophia Lemon

Hey there! I’m Sophia Lemon, and I created this guide just for you!

I figured you might like to get to know me a little bit about who I am and why the heck I designed this thing.

Well, I’m a wedding photographer, and I work very closely with each of my brides throughout the entire wedding planning process. You see, I normally book my brides 8 to 12 months before their wedding so I am there through everything! From booking the band, to setting the tables, to, well, delivering the photos. I know that something pops up in every single wedding. Planning a wedding is stressful. But preparing for photos can be incredibly enjoyable. And dare I say, relaxing!

I’d hate for any of my clients to feel apprehensive about having their photo taken, so I developed this guide to walk my brides through the process. It includes tips on skin care, hair care, and preparing your face for make up. I give posing advice, instruct you on how to hold your flowers, and even share ways to look and feel fresh throughout the day.

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