It’s so important to me, as a business owner, that I remain passionate about my work. How do I do that? Well, by truly finding meaning in what I do. Sure, I document memories my clients will cherish for years to come, but my work has the power to do so much more than remind us of the past.

Just this season I have worked with 3 couples struggling with serious life events. The first was Marlee and Dan, whose story I shared with DecisionWise. Here’s a snippet:

For each wedding shoot, I make a list of family photos I am to take, and Marlee and Dan’s included a photo with Marlee’s grandmother. She wasn’t super mobile, so Marlee and I came to her at her seat and I snapped a few photos of them talking with one another. I included one in their sneak peek video the next week.

Not long after the wedding, I received a message from Marlee asking if they could please have a copy of the photo as Marlee’s grandmother had recently passed away, and this was the most recent photo of her. The family wanted to use it at her funeral.

This was so significant. We photographers prattle on about the importance of preserving family memories, but we rarely experience these things so shortly after an event like a wedding. In this sad time for Marlee and her family, I was able to bring them smiles and relieve a little bit of stress. I could actually see how my work can brighten my clients’ lives.