Get the Dream Photographer Workbook for your Wedding Photographer Search!

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This workbook will help you navigate the process of hiring the best photographer for your wedding. You’ll find my best tips for finding YOUR dream photographer. Such as…

  • The best ways and places to find high quality photographers

  • What to look for before you contacting anyone

  • What to say in your first email

  • Questions to ask and questions to avoid

  • A ranking system to make your final decision crystal clear

Meet Sophia Lemon

Hey there! I’m Sophia Lemon, and I created this workbook just for you! Because photography is important to you, and it’s a big investment, but it shouldn’t be so gosh darn difficult to find your dream photographer.

I figured you might like to get to know me a little bit about who I am and why the heck I designed this thing.

I’m a wedding photographer, softball player, and habitual tea drinker. As you an imagine, I work with dozens of couples each season, and interview even more about their wedding plans! And let me tell you, as a photographer, people are constantly sharing their wedding photo horror stories with me which are the result of choosing the wrong photographer. And I do not want anyone ever go through any of those catastrophes. So I developed this workbook to help brides like you find and book your dream photographer who not only takes great photos, but who will show up on time, capture the moments you want highlighted, and whom you’ll have an amazing time with.

Many of my couples have used this very workbook to book ME as their wedding photographer. The result is always complete confidence in their decision, in their investment, and in their photographer.

So download your copy, and get a head start on your search!


Pop your information name and email in the form below and I’ll email you your copy of the workbook. Fill it out on your laptop or tablet, or print it out and take a copy to each of your consultations. This will make choosing your wedding photographer an easy decision.


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