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Holly + Bree

Six years into their relationship, it’s hard to believe that Holly and Bree started out as colleagues. In fact, when I first met with them, they explained to me that Bree and Holly met at work, where Bree was Holly’s supervisor. But, as we all know, a lot can change in just a few years, and six years is a lifetime. Now that they’ve made the move north to The Blue Mountains, more has changed than just geography. They’ve gotten engaged, and they’re even expecting a mini Holly + Bree. When it was time to celebrate, they asked me to join them in the sunflowers in Beaver Valley to capture some engagement photos.

Beaver Valley Photography

Getting married in the Beaver Valley? It’s a beautiful place to enjoy some views; very romantic. You love photography–it’s important to you. And I love to provide my clients with an enjoyable and fun experience producing some beautiful photos. Tap here to contact me and let’s discuss how you picture your photos.

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Holly + Bree