Collingwood arboretum family photography

Kasungu Family

Collingwood Arboretum family portraits are some of my favourites. There is so much diversity in the landscape with the brick pergola, the trails, the boardwalk, and the waterfront. That is why the Kasungu family chose to have their family portraits done here. With 11 family members and some rambunctious personalities, they needed some space to spread out. And with so many different groupings they wanted to capture, we had lots to work with.

Check them out.

Collingwood Arboretum Family Portraits

Have teenagers? Feel like they don’t want to spend any time with you anymore? Before they’re out of the house, make the time to capture some portraits together. They will thank you later. And the Collingwood Arboretum makes an excellent location for your family of all sizes. It is easily accessible, there are lots of corners of the property to work with, lots of variety in backdrops, and it sits right on Georgian Bay.

Tap right here to contact me. Share with me what your family is like and what you’d like to do with your photos.

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Kasungu Family