rural family photography

Musehl Family

I am a big fan of rural family photography. As a country girl myself, I find the wide open space inspiring. Not to mention, when I’m working with a family with 3 young kids, there is tons of space to run and play with the whole family. So I was thrilled to meet the Musehl family on their property outside of Chesley. Driving past horse and buggies on the way set the tone, and this family dressed in plaids, polkadots, and denims set the stage.

We walked the pond, played on the swings, sat by the fire, and ran around like maniacs in the grass. All of this was perfect for the girls, who were a little shy to start.

Rural Family Photography

As a country girl, myself, I’m rather fond of family photos on the family property. And if that sounds fitting for you and your family, tap right here to contact me. I’ll help you out with your rural family photos.

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Who do you know who lives in the country? Maybe they have a few grandkids, some dogs, and maybe even some livestock. These are the people that I want to meet. People who have been working their land for years. Use the buttons below to share this session with them. They’ll love the inspiration.

Musehl Family