Meaford family photography

Gunn Family

The Gunns have been farming sheep between Owen Sound and Meaford for as long as I’ve known them. I grew up with Jandi, and because we both lived on farms and did 4H, we were default friends. But if I remember anything about the Gunn girls, it is that they had a reputation for being laidback and kind to everyone. And sure enough, when it was time to get some rural family photos done, their whole family proved to have the same values.

We walked a bit of their property and talked about the bear that had been visiting the farm while the kiddos ran and played (and occasionally cried). It was wonderful to catch up and grab these sweet photos of this sweet family spending time together.

Rural Family Photos

It really doesn’t have to be a big thing. We can really just get together for 1 hour and grab some fun family photos with the whole crew. Rubber boots are perfect. Crying is fine. We’ll have a great time, and you’ll gush over your photos for years with all the little ones. Tap right here to contact me about your rural family photos.

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Gunn Family