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Favourite Blue Mountain Proposals Locations

For those planning a proposal, choosing a location is often one of the most challenging elements. You might want somewhere private. You might want somewhere with a view. Or you might want to bring your dog. These are all things to take into consideration. And if you are struggling with this dilemma, you are in luck. I have put together a list of some of my favourite proposal locations in the Blue Mountain and Collingwood area below.

Mill Pond, Blue Mountain Village

Maybe people love a photo opportunity with the BLUE sign at Blue Mountain Village. But the Mill Pond also makes an excellent backdrop for your proposal. Take for example Sherif’s proposal to Gena. He planned a whole shindig right in the beginning of COVID, and totally pulled it off. To learn more about his proposal, tap right here.

When proposing at Blue Mountain, it is important that the village can be very busy all year round. If you think that your partner would prefer a bit more privacy, keep reading. But if you’re happy with passersby cheering and applauding (like they did for Sherif’s proposal), this could be the spot!

Georgian Trail

Maybe you’re a bit more laidback and you might even want to bring your dog with you for your proposal. The Georgian Trail might be the place for you. German, for example, invited Paulina for a walk with their pup, and while walking this beautiful trail flanked with trees and dogwood, he dropped down to one knee. This is a great place to create a more private and quiet experience.

There are several entrances to the Georgian Trail. You’ll want to consider the season, parking, and landscape when you are choosing the right section of trail for you.

Wheelhouse Crescent

The corner of Pine St and Wheelhouse Cresc in Collingwood makes a beautiful location for a proposal. Have a look at Wade’s proposal to Megan below. Not only do they have Georgian Bay as their backdrop, but this location has one of the best views of the iconic Collingwood Terminals and sailboats in the summer.

My recommendation for this spot is to make a reservation at one of Collingwoods delicious downtown restaurants like Tremont Cafe, Prime 79, or Hungry Sumo. This way your partner will be all spruced up and ready to be in front of the camera. Arrive a bit early and take them for a quick walk along the water.

You should note that this location can be very cold and breezy. So take weather and season into consideration when planning your proposal.

Blue Mountain Central Lift

If you’re looking for an epic view, the Blue Mountain Central Lift might be the ideal spot to propose. There are plenty of spaces here where your backdrop is a beautiful view of Georgian Bay and the Collingwood Terminals. And there are plenty of corners where you’ll be surrounded by trees and a beautiful rail fence.

Do note that this location requires tickets and can be quite busy. So if you’re happy with a bit of a crowd, this could be the place for you.

Planning The Perfect Proposal

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