Melissa twist events podcast episode

Ask All the Questions with Melissa Twist

Listen to this episode if you want to plan a wedding that is perfectly you, rather than perfectly checklisted.
Melissa Twist Events wedding planner

Choose Carefully with Melissa Twist

Do we need permits? A liquor license? Insurance? Why would I need insurance for a wedding?? Listen to this before you're in over your head.
Melissa twist wedding planner

Un-checklist Your Wedding with Melissa Twist

Communication is key in any relationship. Find out what you really need from your wedding vendors in this episode. Listen here.
wedding photography itinerary

How Can We Create Our Ideal Wedding Photography Itinerary?

Learn how to build your ideal wedding photography itinerary for your budget and must-have photo list. Read this.
favourite blue mountain proposal locations

Favourite Blue Mountain Proposals Locations

Choosing a location for your proposal is often one of the most challenging parts. There are so many elements to take into consideration like privacy, temperature, and whether you can bring your dog or not. Read this for my favourite Blue Mountain backdrops!
how to plan a perfect proposal

How To Plan A Flawless Romantic Proposal

I photograph a lot of proposals, and 100% of the time the person planning the proposal is nervous. If you are planning your proposal, read this for some examples of excellent proposals.
dream wedding photographer

How Do We Find Our Dream Wedding Photographer?

Planning a wedding? It's time to book your dream wedding photographer. But do you know where to find your dream photographer? Read this!
your wedding photography investment

How Do We Make The Most Of Our Wedding Photography Investment?

Your wedding photography package is a significant investment. What does it include? What should be changed? How can you make the most of it? Read this to learn everything you need to know.
wedding photography contract

What Should Be In Our Wedding Photography Contract?

What does your wedding photography package cost? What happens if you cancel? These things MUST be in your wedding photography contract... Read this!