The Best Parties From 2018 Weddings

Your wedding first dance will be the first time you have a chance to let your hair down and enjoy the party. Check this out to get inspired for yours!

Funniest Wedding Bloopers from 2018

Weddings are not just a place for romantic happy tears. They are also a place for laughing so hard that you cry. And I have to tell you that I get to work with some of the most wickedly hilarious couples. Like all of the couples in here! Click to check them out.

Secret Wedding Moments from 2018

My clients tell me they want to see the secret, unexpected moments that happen behind the scenes when they aren't looking. And I have to tell you that those moments turn out to be some of the most beautiful and cherished photos of the day. Check out my favourites from 2018 right here.

How A Vintage Wedding Album Influenced My Life

I never met my mother's parents. They both passed before I was born, but from the stories my mother has told me about them, I can imagine their personalities, I think, pretty accurately. And thanks to photography, I can put a face to those mannerisms as well.

More Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Wedding Photographer

When I sit down with a couple who downloaded a long list of questions off the Internet things can get a little bit overwhelming and confusing for everyone. That list might look complete, but they're almost always filled with questions you do not and should not need the answers to. Read this to find out why and what you should ask instead.

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Good photography will be one of the absolute most important parts of your wedding, but how can you be sure you're choosing the right photographer? Read this!

The Picture Perfect Guide for Brides

The Picture Perfect Guide will help you prepare for your photo session or photos on your wedding day. Click the link to download your copy of The Guide!

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

I'm loving this year's wedding trends. ESPECIALLY mini bars. Yum! Check out my favourites here!

After The Wedding

What happens to your photos before you see them? What kind of editing is she doing? What is taking so long?! They should be ready by now! Read more here...