3 Sustainable (and Unique) Wedding Favours for 2020

You’re getting married this year. You also have a goal to live more sustainably. Well planning a wedding while trying to go Zero Waste is not an easy pair of tasks to take on. But these sustainable wedding favours might just help you out, and your guests will love them.

Some of these gifts are cute. Some of them are sweet. And some of them will even save you money. Here they are.

Mason Jar Recipes & Homemade Preserves

I love taking home anything I can eat. Chocolate is a common wedding favour that I’m absolutely in love with, but if you want to give something a little more personal and good for the environment, jars of honey, cookies and hot chocolate in a jar, and homemade preserves all make great gifts. And they show that you care. Not to mention, once they’ve been finished, your guests are left with a mason jar to use forever.

Here are just a few ideas that work with this theme:

  • Homemade jam
  • Local honey
  • Dry cookie ingredients of any kind
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Tea in a jar

Reusable Straws

This one might be a little selfish on my part, but good quality, reusable straws make great wedding favours in the age of cardboard straws.

I’ve actually been using The Other Straw‘s reusable bamboo straws for a few weeks now. I keep a few in my car, thinking that I’d use them any time I got a frappuccino or milkshake, but I’ve been using them with my smoothies, and I’m loving it. I don’t advocate for sipping and driving, but these straws have kept me from spilling my smoothie all over myself and my clothes (and scarves) all winter.

Options like The Other Straw allow you to have your names printed on the straws, giving you that custom touch. And they’ll be reminded regularly because I’m sure they’ll use these things all the time.

Make A Donation

This is a classic alternative option to the traditional wedding favour. I understand that there is some controversy about donating instead of gifting. Some people believe that they deserve to be rewarded for investing the time and money to attend your wedding. But as I tell my clients all the time: it’s your wedding! You can do what you want.

You might choose to make your donation to a charity that means a lot to you as a couple. And I hope that your family and friends would be supportive of such a gesture. You might even consider encouraging your guests to participate by giving cash gifts to charity instead of registering for new towels or cutlery.

Local Wedding Photography

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