The Best Parties From 2018 Weddings

As 2018 comes to a close and we all prepare to celebrate the ringing in of 2019, I’m reminded of all the stellar parties I’ve been a part of this year.

The First Dance

Many of my couples specifically say that they want lots of photos of “the party.” I find that it’s really the first time all day that a freshly married couple has the chance to truly let their hair down and enjoy the fruits of their months (sometimes years) of wedding-planning labour with their family and friends. And I think it’s safe to say that some of the photos that we get from these stellar parties truly show the love and pride dancing around the room.

I’ve found that each party can be broken into distinct moments unto itself. And we’ll start with the proud entrance.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your Guests Of Honour

For example, take a look at Dai and Steven’s entrance. Just look at the “WE DID IT!!” look of triumph written all over their faces. I see this body language on so many couples (even the quietest, most reserved couples I’ve photographed). And to all of those types, I say, “Yes! This is your time to show how proud you are to be here!”

Next, let’s have a quick look at the sweet moments. Like Bricklin and Dustin’s first dance.

The Romantic First Dance

Bricklin and Dustin, for example, are as goofy and snuggly as anyone. And in front of all of their family and friends they had the sweetest, most focussed first dance. Just look at the way Dustin looks at Bricklin; it drives my heart absolutely mad.

But what about the parents?

I Loved Her First

Finally, after all the speeches, the laughter, and the tears it’s time for the father-daughter and mother-son dances.

If I’m being honest, I never know what to expect for this part of the party. Will Dad cry? Will Mum laugh? Or will someone step on the train, bringing the dance to a momentary halt? Who knows! But what is consistent with this time of night is the whispers…

While father and daughter, and mother and son dance to (usually) the most tear-jerking ballad imaginable, I try to tune out the lyrics and focus in on their faces. This is partially to protect myself from crying all over my viewfinder, and also to catch a glimpse of what this pair is truly like together. Because, for some reason I’m yet to put my finger on, when the music starts to play, it’s as if these two forget about everyone in the room and revert back to what life was like when they were Daddy’s little girl, or Momma’s baby boy.

Sometimes there is uncontrollable laughter, and sometimes there are tears. Sometimes still, they’re shockingly good at dancing! I’ve never asked what they talk about, and I probably never will. But these moments deserve highlighting just as much as any other.

And finally, the moment all of the family and friends join in.

Let’s Get This Party Started

I won’t pretend I know how to dance. Only my four-legged friends get to see that catastrophe. But I applaud every family member and friend who hurls themselves on the dance floor and lets loose!

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