How To Find Your Dream Photographer

So you’re planning your wedding, and you’ve made it to one of the most important to-do items on your list: booking a wedding photographer. This is not an item you want to rush. In my opinion, wedding photography is one of the most important elements of your wedding. Not only is your photographer responsible for providing you with the lasting memories of one of the most special days of your life, but your photographer could be the difference between a fun and delightful day for everyone and an absolute nightmare. This is why you want to book your dream wedding photographer, and not just “a wedding photographer.”

Below, I’ll help you find, interview, and book your dream photographer; even if you’re starting from the very beginning of the process.

how to find your dream wedding photographer

Do Your Research

As you start announcing and planning your wedding, you’ll get recommendations from family, friends, and Facebook strangers for photographers. Maybe you’ll even get offers for free photography from a cousin or feel obligated to book your friend who has started shooting on the side. Before you go ahead and contact any of those people, do your research! You should have an idea of a few photographers whom you’d LOVE to work with before reaching out to anyone.

Where To Look

  1. Ask your family and friends for referrals.
  2. Ask your venue coordinator for their preferred vendor list. They will include photographers who have worked with their team and provided an excellent experience to their couples.
  3. Review photographers you’ve been following on Instagram and Facebook. This is an excellent indication that you like their style.
  4. Search style and location keywords on Pinterest such as “country Collingwood wedding photography” or “contemporary Walter’s Falls wedding photography.”
  5. Search Google.
  6. Check out platforms like TheKnot and WeddingWire. While platforms like TheKnot and WeddingWire can serve as great resources for wedding planning, I recommend that couples don’t put all of their wedding eggs in this one basket. Services like these charge vendors subscription fees to be listed on their platforms. The more a vendor spends, the more visibility they receive, and the more they appear to be recommended by the platform. If you are only using these platforms to research photographers and other vendors you will not be seeing all of the options available to you.

What To Look For

As you’re reviewing the photographers you find, there are a few things you want to look for, and some others that you want to look out for.

  1. A photo style you love. This is the first indication that this may be your dream wedding photographer. On the other hand, if you see low-quality photos, bad lighting, blurry photos, or a style that you don’t love, do not even reach out to them.
  2. An up-to-date website and/or social presence on Facebook and Instagram. This shows attention to detail and hard work, which is an excellent indication that they will have the capacity to provide you with the service you deserve. No website, a broken website, no social media presence, and/or no Facebook or Instagram posts within the last year, however, might indicate that this photographer doesn’t have enough time to provide the best service they can to their clients.
  3. Positive reviews with details about personability before and after the wedding. If you see negative reviews, no reviews, 4 or 5-star ratings with no written testimonials, short testimonials, or testimonials with no names, this might indicate that this photographer provides poor service and/or is generating fake reviews to appear more appealing.
  4. An about page showing professionalism, personability, and experience.
  5. Their social media and website should show excellent communication skills and attention to detail.

Interview Your Top Picks

As you research photographers, keep a list of your favourites. Create a list of 3 to 5 of your top choices and reach out to these photographers only. This will help eliminate stress and confusion while reviewing price lists and personalities.

Start out with an excellent first message. Give the photographer some detail about you, your fiance, and your wedding. Be sure to ask if they are available for your wedding date and if they are willing to meet with you to discuss your wedding plans. You never want to hire a photographer without interviewing them first, so don’t start off by asking your top picks for their price lists.

What To Ask In Your Consultation

  1. Who will you be bringing with you and what will they do?
  2. Have you worked at our venue before? If not will you go there to get a feel for it?
  3. What package do you recommend for us, and what does it include?
  4. Can we make changes to our package?
  5. Do you have testimonials we can read?
  6. Do you provide prints and albums?
dream wedding photographer

Book Your Dream Photographer

When it comes to making the final decision, it is so important that you prioritize what is most important to you. Especially if you’re working within a strict budget. So first, consider how important photography is to you. Then, review the photographers you interviewed, and ask yourself the following questions.

Final Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Are her photos sharp?
  2. Do her photos make me swoon?
  3. Do I love the lighting in her photos?
  4. Are her photos memorable to me?
  5. Does her style show the feeling I’m trying to achieve for my wedding?
  6. Do I jell with this photographer?
  7. Does her communication style work for me?
  8. Do her packages fit my wish list and budget?
  9. Do I feel confident in her ability to provide the service I’m looking for?

At this point, you should have a clear picture of who your dream wedding photographer is. So go ahead and let her know!

Dream Wedding Photographer Workbook

I’ve put all of these steps and more into a handy workbook that you can use to find, interview, and book your dream photographer. Just print off a copy for each photographer you interview or fill it out on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The workbook will help you focus on what is most important and make the final decision crystal clear.

Fill out the form below to grab your copy of my Dream Photographer Workbook.

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