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Your Wedding Photography Investment

What do you know about wedding photography? Do you know how many hours of photography you need? Have you thought about what you’ll do with your photos once you have them? Are you confident that the investment you’re making is worth it? When I ask couples these questions, most reply with, “We really don’t know… We’ve never done this before.” In fact, for many couples, it seems these questions are afterthoughts considered after booking a photographer based on dollar value alone. This is not how you should settle on a wedding photography package.

I believe you should get what you want from wedding photography. And since photography is one of the few lasting physical memories from your wedding day, your package should include everything you want and nothing that you don’t.

In this blog, I’ll teach you the importance of the following:

  • Clicking with your photographer
  • Getting engagement photos
  • Going unplugged
  • Prints and gifts

Make Sure You Click

Choose the photographer whose photos and personality you love. Never book a photographer based solely on price and a few emails. This is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you. If photography is important to you (which it must be if you’re reading this ebook), then invest the time and money in a photographer you love.

The truth is that I could be the best photographer in the world, and I could take absolutely amazing photos of your wedding day. However, if you don’t enjoy being around me on the day of your wedding, you will not like your wedding photos.

But What If We Can’t Afford It?

I’ll tell you a secret… My goal is always to work with the right couples, and I never want price to be the barrier to a couple benefiting from an excellent wedding photography experience. As a good and empathetic photographer, I have 3 things I can do:

  • Create a custom wedding photography package. Work with your top pick to design a package that works for you. Don’t just choose the first package on the list that meets your budget. Personally, I design a package for each couple. I don’t include things they don’t need, and be sure to maximize the amount of time that we are together so that they are not paying for a long day of photography that they don’t want.
  • We defer some products like their wedding album until after the wedding. This affords them additional time to save up on what they really want, without the pressure of forking over the cash right now.
  • I sometimes recommend that couples save the money they would spend on photography, rather than booking someone they don’t love based solely on budget. Click-happy family and friends are often happy to bring their cameras and provide the couple with photos, and if budget is a significant stressor for you, those thousands of dollars can be better spent elsewhere than on a photographer you don’t love and photos that you don’t like.
Hibou Conservation Area engagement photography

Get Engagement Photos

Most couples I work with have never worked with a professional photographer before. And as you probably know, being in front of the camera isn’t exactly a comfortable experience for everyone. This time with just you two and your photographer is a fun opportunity to practice being photographed. You’ll get to know each other in person and learn how to communicate. It makes an excellent trial run for the wedding day.

On top of that, you walk away with more photos. I’ll go ahead and say it… You won’t always find it appropriate to use a photo of the two of you in a tux and wedding dress. But not only can you use your engagement photos in RSVP and Save The Date cards, as well as decor for the big day, you’ll have these photos to go back to for years after the wedding.

Go Unplugged

Going unplugged means your photographer can do her job without having to dance around family members blocking the aisle and eliminates the stress on you caused by Aunt Agnes asking you to, “Look over here, hunny!” every 5 minutes. And the results might surprise you. Group photo time will run more smoothly and efficiently. You’ll go home with more candid photos of you laughing with your guests. And no phones, iPads, or cameras will be obstructing your photos.

Before the wedding, let your guests know that you’ll be having an unplugged wedding. Allow your photographer to be a fly on the wall for candid moments. This will help your guests enjoy and be more involved in your big day.

Display & Gift Your Photos

Once your thank you cards have been sent and your album is sitting pretty on your coffee table, it’s time to share your photos with your family and friends.

Parents and grandparents will love having photos from the wedding. And your siblings will love photos of the two of you laughing hysterically. Wedding photos make excellent gifts that your guests will cherish. The proof is on your fridge–I always notice memories and cards from weddings past on friends’ fridges.

Here are some items you might consider for yourself, your family, and your friends:

  • A wedding album is an absolute must from your wedding.
  • Order parent/brag books which match your own wedding album for all sets of parents.
  • Send thank you cards and/or marriage announcements. Cards should be sent to everyone who attended your wedding, gave you a wedding gift, or couldn’t be in attendance.
  • Wood picture blocks make excellent gifts for those who love natural decor.
  • Small acrylic picture blocks are perfect gifts for parents and grandparents.
  • Hang framed prints or canvases in your home from your wedding and engagement session.
  • Place small framed prints, wood blocks, and acrylic blocks on shalves, side tables, and your desk at the office.
  • Send out a wedding-themed Christmas card to your holiday card list.

Wedding Photography Package Guide

You need to know a lot about your wedding photography package. If your goal is to get as much joy as possible out of your wedding, there are a few more items you should consider with regard to your wedding photography.

I’ve put everything above and more into one compact guide which you can use to be sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. 

Pop your info in below to get your free copy of the guide! I’ll send it right to your email!

Pop your info in below to get your free copy of the guide! I’ll send it right to your email!

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