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Where Should We Display Our Family Photos In Our Home?

You should decorate your home with your photos. Your proposal, your engagement, wedding, and family photos are all important to you. And they are the perfect, meaningful pieces of art for a positive and uplifting home.

This is something I discovered long ago thanks to my mother’s parents’ wedding album. I never actually met my mother’s parents; they both passed away before I was born. But I spent my childhood looking at their wedding album and other family photos that they created and saved through their lives. I was reminded of how important family photos are when my father passed away. When it came time to celebrate his life, the room was filled with photos of him and his family throughout his life. A lot of the photos I recognized from seeing them in his home through my life, and some I had never seen before. There is a lot that I remember of that day, but the most touching part was watching my father, aunt, and uncles pointing at photos and enthusiastically telling stories about my grandfather.

Saving these memories and prioritizing images of our families in our homes can have an incredible impact on our daily happiness and mental health. Think about it… If you spend your days seeing the smiling faces of the people you care about most, you’re more likely to feel the love more frequently. Yet prints seem to have fallen out of trend in large part because families don’t know where to highlight their photos. This post will help you find space in your home for your photos and choose the right size and form.

Create A Feature Piece

If you want to highlight one photo, my best advice is to tape it out. This will help you choose the right-sized image for your wall. How do you do that? Use masking tap to tape a box on your wall and live with it for a little while. With a little bit of time, you’ll know if the space you have taped is the appropriate size for the space.

This is best for large scale prints like above your couch or fireplace.

Create A Family Photo Wall

If the idea of one near-life-sized photo of your family staring at you from above your fireplace turns you off, a family photo wall might be a great alternative for you. Another advantage to a photo wall is that you can mix and match sizes and finishes, add to it over time, and include other formats like your children’s art.

Use medium-sized framed prints, canvases, acrylics, and unframed gallery boards for your picture wall. You can hang them, set them on picture shelves, and do a combination of the two. This is an excellent way to make use of unused wall space.

Use Bookshelves, Desks, and Side Tables

Another reason families might be displaying their photos less often is a lack of wall space. I hear this reasonably frequently. With open floorpans encouraging more interaction between family members, there are fewer walls to hang photos on.

Small acrylic prints, gallery boards on wood blocks, and books are perfect for shelves, desks, and side tables. And you’ll often find perfect spaces for your favourite photos in previously undecorated spaces.

Use Your Coffee Table

Books make an excellent space to house your favourite photos. Especially when you’re having trouble choosing those favourites. And a coffee table is the perfect place for all of those special memories. Leave your book closed or open to the last page you enjoyed, and I guarantee you will pick it up regularly to flip through.

Decorate Your Home With Your Photos

I hope that this advice helps you find previously un-discovered spaces in your home to highlight some of your favourite memories. Could you use a little bit of help choosing how you can decorate your home with photos? Tap right here to connect with me.

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Where Should We Display Our Family Photos In Our Home?