gifts for grandparents

Gifts for Grandparents

It’s time to honour and celebrate the cherished individuals who have imparted wisdom, love, and endless stories throughout our lives. Finding the perfect gifts for grandparents can be a challenge. We want to express our gratitude for their enduring presence in our lives, but they already have everything they need. And they definitely wouldn’t want us to go out of our way to gift them something they don’t need. Whether it’s a token of appreciation or a cozy reminder of family, this guide includes over one dozen gifts that will bring your grandparents’ daily gratitude for a life well-lived.

Photo Albums

When your phone is packed with photos and you don’t know what to do with them, that’s your sign that your life is filled with joy. Share that joy with your parents this season!

Premium hard-cover albums feature professional, high-quality photo paper with thick lay-flat pages so your photos can cover 2 full pages with no seams. Design your own album with every beautiful memory from this year and choose from a variety of covers including leatherette, linen, canvas, and faux silk.

Bonus: Your copy of the gift guide includes a custom, private print shop where you can collaborate with your siblings to design gifts that include the whole family.

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Your parents’ calendar features 12 photos from this year on 12 pages in 12 available languages. Use the white space to leave remind them of important dates like their grandkids’ birthdays and graduations and when you’ll be visiting. These calendars feature a metal clip, making them ideal for hanging in the same place their paper calendar has always hung. Or opt for a wood stand so they can beautifully display their calendar on a side table or hutch.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints feature beautiful memories encased in an acrylic slab. These heavy, clean pieces can be hung on the wall or sit up all by themselves on a shelf or side table. They are ideal for grandparents who have graduated to retirement living. Better still, these pieces will never be discarded but will be handed down to you and your children.

Gifts for Grandparents

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Gifts for Grandparents