gifts for kids

Gifts for Kids

The holiday season is a magical time when joy and excitement dance hand in hand, especially for the little ones in our lives. Finding the perfect gifts for kids can be an enchanting yet sometimes challenging task. You want to get them everything on their extravagant wishlist. But you also want to impart important life lessons of family, love, and kindness. This guide will help you do just that. With over one dozen gifts focussed on family, this guide is ideal for gifting kids. Especially in a world where social media, video games, and bulling can leave kids feeling disconnected, insecure, and not enough.

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12-month calendars make an excellent gift for young children with so many opportunities to impart essential life lessons. Teach them family values by sitting down with them and marking important dates like family members’ birthdays and anniversaries. Choose from 12 available languages to help reinforce what they’re learning at school or what you don’t want them to forget from your parents. And keep their calendars filled with family memories, personal notes, and drawings for them to enjoy later in life.


Metal ornaments are a thoughtful gift of your own photos from this year’s adventures. Each ornament includes a decorative natural fibre twine ribbon for hanging with the same photo on both sides. They make the perfect gift for kids with a couple of creative uses. Tuck them away to send with your kids as they grow up and move away. They will feel so much more connected with family as they decorate their own trees with beautiful, family memories

Bonus Project: Create an annual art project with your kids using their ornaments. Pick up a crafting book for each child. Each year, trace their new ornaments and have them draw what they see. You can also fasten the ornament to the page. Date each ornament and have them write a little note about how it makes them feel. Gift the books to your children when they head out on their own, or bring out each book and share them with your grandkids one day.


Build a feature wall in your child’s bedroom using canvases. These pieces will remind them each day that they have a family that loves them. They’re stretched on solid pine wood for superior strength, durable quality, and light weight. So no one will be harmed if playtime results in canvases flying off the walls. And with a sleek, natural wrap creates a beautiful, classic piece that is perfect for any decor.

Store your kids’ canvases face-to-face and back-to-back, and when it’s time for them to head off on their own, send their canvases with them. As they face the stresses of college and work life, their canvases will remind them that they have a support network to turn to.

Gifts for Kids

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Gifts for Kids