How Do I Design My Own Photo Album?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design and order your own lay flat photo albums from your online gallery. Watch the tutorial above for the full instructions.

About Photo Albums

These premium, hard-cover albums are soft-bound and printed on high-quality photo paper. There is a minimum of 20 pages and a maximum of 80 pages. Each spread of two pages features a lay-flat design so that your photos can fully fill the page without a seam down the middle. And each page can feature several photos, giving you loads of space to feature every single one of your favourite photos. When you can’t decide which photos to hang on your wall, an album is an excellent alternative to keep your photos printed and safe from being lost to digital malfunctions.

Album Design Instructions

  1. Log into your gallery and online shop.
  2. Go to your “Shop” and select “Lay Flat Albums.”
  3. Start with a fresh album or let the gallery design one for you.
  4. Select your album size and cover.
  5. Choose your photos, resize, and adjust them.
  6. Order your album or save it for editing later.
  7. Feel loved daily when you open and view your beautiful album.

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How Do I Design My Own Photo Album?