7 eco friendly wedding favours

Every couple endeavours to gift their guests something they’ll actually enjoy. After all your guests have travelled from far and wide to help you celebrate your wedding and you want to show them how much they truly mean to you. But have you thought about giving wedding favours your guests and the whole world will appreciate?

If you have or if you haven’t, check this out! I’ve compiled this gallery of eco-conscious wedding favours which will warm your guests’ hearts and help keep our planet spinning.

Homemade Candles


I love candles. I must have 20 of them sitting all over my office right now. They’re romantic and smell delightful. You can even make your own. All you need are some wicks and some wax. There will be little to no waste left behind and your friends and family will be able to reuse the jars when the candles are gone.

Bird Seed Feeders


Share your love with all the other lovebirds out there. Make your own heart-shaped bird seed feeders. The birds will thank you, and your guests will appreciate all the colourful birds they attract.

Flower Seeds


If you have a green thumb this might be the perfect wedding favour for you. Your plantable wedding favours will help nourish the soil and bring a little more colour into your guests’ lives.

Tote Bags


It is my opinion that one can never have too many tote bags. You never know when you’ll need one, after all. Give your guests a custom tote they’ll reuse and help reduce the use of plastic shopping bags.

Homemade Soap


Reduce waste and help your guests clean with homemade soup. You’ll keep harsh chemicals out of our water system and off your guests’ skin. By picking a recyclable paper to wrap your soaps with there will be little to no waste left behind for your guests to throw away. Make your own. It’s easy!



Help clean up pollutants and keep us all breathing fresh air by giving your guests a sapling. Your guests will watch your family tree grow, and the planet will reap the benefits for years to come.



Spread the love with a little honey because, like you, honey is sweet. Our little bee friends need all the support they can get, and a jar of this sweet treat will go a long way to show your appreciation for everything bees do for our us and our planet. Plus it’s delicious and healthy. No guest can complain about that.

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