What’s The Big Deal?

Why Prints

When my grandpa passed away I was reminded by how important printed artwork is. There were prints of all sizes covering the whole front of his funeral service. My family spent the whole time looking at photos, remembering the cool things he’d done in life, and pointing and laughing about the crazy things he had done. Like riding a bull.

Were it not for prints, I wouldn’t know what my grandpa looked like as a young man. I wouldn’t know about my dad’s ridiculous hair styles growing up.

What’s The Big Deal?

My Story

Today we have Facebook. And when I started out in this business, I shared high-resolution digital files with my clients on a USB stick to cater to that reality. But what I found is that my clients wouldn’t get their photos printed, and the ones who tried struggled. I was doing a disservice to my clients by making them do all of the work.

That’s why I took on handling the whole process for my clients, from planning to shooting, to choosing your favourites and finishings, to printing and delivering the artwork. This way my clients could visualize what they’ll be receiving, they can get all of the advice they need on what will work best for their home, and they can save hours of agony trying to order from third-party printers online.

How To Use This Guide

Printed Photo Artwork

The guide below will give you inspiration for your own home. It will give you an idea of what might make a great gift for your family. And it will give you an overview of pricing.

Should you need any help with choosing your photos or navigating size and finishings, I’ll gladly meet with you over Zoom to help out. Just book a consultation!

Albums & Books

These Premium Albums are soft-bound, printed on high quality matte velvet photo paper with thick lay flat pages. Available in a variety of custom covers.

Family & Portrait Books

Portrait books are press printed on lay-flat pages. They look very similar to albums, but with thinner pages with a bit more texture. Ask to see a sample to see the difference between books and albums.

6×6 20 pages – $750
8×8 20 pages – $820

Little Black Boudoir Book

Your boudoir album is photographically printed and makes the perfect little gift from your boudoir session. Slip it into your dresser to keep it private, and pull it out to remind yourself of how gorgeous you are.

5×5 30 pages – $855


These beautiful frames are carefully assembled and printed on Matte photographic paper, mounted with a thick 8 ply mat board, including a front acrylic and arrive ready to hang out of the box.


On request, I will have your frame locally-built from reclaimed wood. These frames are rustic and unique, and make an excellent finishing for your feature piece.

Custom Framing

Custom framing is quoted on a per-job basis. Once we choose the location and size of your frame, I’ll take you into the gallery personally to help you choose your frame, glass, and mounting. Your finished frame will come with a paper back and wire for hanging.

Vintage Frames

Vintage framing is available in frames I have in stock or in frames you already own. I will remove the glass and have your photographs professionally mounted inside. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous!


Gallery wrapped canvases are a luxurious and contemporary way to display your favourite images on their own or in groups in a beautiful gallery wall. Canvases are printed with a matte finish and stretched on solid pine wood for superior strength and a durable finish, and can be customized with coloured wraps or with text. Each piece comes ready to hang, no framing required, with a depth of between 0.75 and 2 inches depending on the canvas size.

Mini Canvas

5×7 – $110
8×8 – $145
8×10 – $185
8×12 – $205
10×10 – $205

Canvas Gallery Wraps

10×20 – $305
11×14 – $285
12×12 – $275
12×18 – $340
12×24 – $410
16×16 – $365
16×24 – $455
18×18 – $490
20×20 – $545
24×36 – $820
30×30 – $820
30×40 – $1,275
30×45 – $1,365
30×60 – $1,640
36×36 – $1,310
40×40 – $1,455

Reclaimed Wood Scrolls

11×14 – $625
12×12 – $620
12×18 – $650
12×24 – $680
16×16 – $660
16×24 – $700
18×18 – $816
20×20 – $1,440
20×24 – $1,464
20×30 – $1,500
24×36 – $1,560
30×30 – $1,560
30×40 – $2,160
30×45 – $2,200
30×60 – $2,320
36×36 – $2,176
40×40 – $2,240

Framed canvas wraps are also available.


Specialty acrylic prints are prints set under an acrylic slab. They have a bit of shine and a bit of depth to them, with the acrylic giving them a 3D look. These heavy prints can sit up on a shelf or desk or be hung on a wall to make any room a bit more dynamic.

Acrylic Block

Acrylic blocks are small enough that they can sit on your desk or on a book shelf.

4×6 – $165
5×7 – $180
6×8 – $270
8×10 – $300

Acrylic Print

Acrylic prints are meant to be hung on your walls.

11×14 – $335
16×24 – $625
20×30 – $830
24×36 – $950
30×40 – $1,300
30×45 – $1,450

Mounted & Matted Prints

Prints like these make excellent gifts for family and friends.

mounted photography on wood block

Gallery Boards

Gallery boards (aka ‘mounted prints’) come laminated and mounted on styrene. They make great, simple gifts or amazing displays for a shelf or side table. These prints are meant to be framed or displayed on their own on a wood block.

5×7 – $35
8×10 – $45
10×10 – $75
11×14 – $85
12×12 – $90

Wood Print Block – $50

Heirloom Print Boxes

Your heirloom print box comes with prints either mounted or matted and make an excellent alternative to the traditional album. Store your photos easily and elegantly or rotate through displaying them all over your home.

Your box comes with a wood print block for display your photos.

10 8×10 – $770
15 8×10 – $1,035
20 8×10 – $1,295

10 10×10 – $915
15 10×10 – $1,235
20 10×10 – $1,550

10 11×14 – $1,070
15 11×14 – $1,440
20 11×14 – $1,805

10 12×12 – $1,285
15 12×12 – $1,760
20 12×12 – $2,230

Loose Prints

Loose prints are available in limited sizes in semi gloss finish exclusively from your online gallery. Loose prints are appropriate for scrapbooking and DIY projects. If you intend to frame your own prints or give them as gifts, you needed gallery boards (see above).

Please ask me about your project if you are unsure what type of print you need.

Linen print boxes can also be purchased from your online gallery for storing your loose prints.

Custom Designed Cards

Cardsmake excellent gifts for family, friends, coworkers, and clients that people love. Press-printed on thick stock, these gift items are high quality and show incredible care for the people you care most for.

Post Cards

Post cards are 2-sided cards. Both sides are customizable and can include text and photos.

25 – $65
50 – $125
100 – $180

Folded Cards

Folded cards are your classic 4-sided cards. They can be either horizontal or vertical, and 3 sides are customizable with both text and images.

25 – $90
50 – $180
100 – $255

Tri-Fold Cards

Tri-fold cards feature 6 square sides. All 6 sides are customizable with images and text, and the cards fold in two places.

25 – $105
50 – $205
100 – $305

Foil Cards

Foil cards are press printed on Fine Art Smooth Silk paper with a smooth suede finish. These beautiful cards are perfect for the holidays and feature a choice of silver, gold, and copper foil lettering. These cards are available from your online gallery.

24 – $105

A limited selection of card designs are available in your online gallery. Custom cards can be designed for a $30 fee.

Digital Files

Medium Resolution Digital File

Medium resolution digital files are included in every single photography package I provide at absolutely no cost. I want you to have your photographs forever to save and share as you see fit. Medium resolution digital files are corrected for colour and exposure and can be downloaded from your gallery. They are sized to about 5×7″, and can be printed at your convenience in small format projects like business cards and brochures and gift prints for family and friends. They are also perfect for your website and social media.

High-Resolution Digital Files

High-resolution digital files can be purchased as single files or as a whole session. You will need these files for large format printing projects.

1 edited file – $125
All files – $1,200

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