Clean It with Tamara Ebel

Got laundry coming out the wazoo? Why not just throw it all in the washing machine and wash it all together? This is what I’ve been doing for years. And any little bit of self-judgement that I felt was washed away when Tamara’s reel popped up in my Instagram feed saying just that: you do not have to separate your whites from your colours.

Tamara Ebel had been styling hair for 9 years when the pandemic hit and she was six months pregnant. Seizing the opportunity, she bid farewell to her career. Juggling a new baby and feeling a need for flexibility, Tamara created her residential cleaning business. What started with a few cleaning gigs turned into a two-year whirlwind, booking clients a year and a half in advance, and a waitlist the length of her right leg.

Tamara Ebel from Clean It Club Podcast

She wasn’t one to rest on success, though. Tamara saw a need and created the Clean It Club Podcast, the Balance It program, and other resources to aid families—especially moms—in mastering the art of balancing time and energy. Tamara’s businesses are all about the sunny side, never letting hurdles dim her shine. She’s dreaming of ridiculous happiness for everyone, even when life spills the milk.

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Clean It with Tamara Ebel