Find Your Voice with Lauren Best

When we first start using our voice, we use it without fear. We scream, we cry, we whine, we coo, we laugh, we barble… we do it all with our voice. But over time, many of us become disconnected from our voice. <In walks Lauren Best.>

In this episode, my high school friend and I discuss reconnecting with our voices so that we can use them in ways that we may never have imagined.

Lauren Best, poet, singer, songwriter, voice coach, and podcaster

Lauren Best, a seasoned performance poet and voice coach with 15+ years of experience in musical leadership, extends her creative prowess through projects like her 2023 poetry collection “Just Leaves.” Former Poet Laureate of Owen Sound (2017-2019), she’s currently crafting an audio poetry collection with sound art and intermedia poetry for site-specific installations. Co-creator of the Infinite Improvisation Podcast and host of “Lauren’s Best,” her new podcast dives into creativity with curiosity and care.

Lauren’s mission? Empower fellow podcasters with ACE Voice, her signature method born from a decade of coaching voices and fostering creativity. She champions entrepreneurs to embrace their voices, cultivating bold self-expression and advocating for music as a nourisher of mind, body, and spirit.

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Find Your Voice with Lauren Best