Pick Your Battles with Tara Filteau

Do you have a teenage or pre-teen girl in your life? This episode with Tara Filteau from Mother Daughter Empower is a must-listen for everyone who feels passionately about the future for girls.

By the time she turns 14, a girl’s self-esteem will be 30% lower than her boy classmates’. That is an awful place for a girl to kick off one of the most hormonal, confusing, and difficult times in her life. And this is why Tara Filteau founded Mother Daughter Empower with her daughter. This Canadian charity helps arm mothers and daughters with the tools to deal with difficult emotions, build confidence, establish friendships, and communicate.

We talk about social media exposure, bullying, friendships, hormones, and more. And most importantly, Tara challenges parents and bonus parents to look at how we are showing up for the girls in our lives. They might not listen, but they do absorb. So we have to be aware of how we are speaking to them and to ourselves. Listen to this important episode in your podcast app of choice or watch it above.

Tara Filteau from Mother Daughter Empower, a Canadian charity

Tara Filteau is a registered social service worker and the founder & executive director of Mother Daughter Empower, a Canadian Charity on a mission to empower both women and girls. Before launching Mother Daughter Empower, Tara managed events, community outreach, and fundraising campaigns for some of Canada’s largest charitable and not-for-profit organizations. She takes pride in being a wife, mom of three and a parent, education & community advocate who is dedicated to leading a life filled with both passion and purpose.

Mother Daughter Empower Website: https://motherdaughterempower.org/
Mother Daughter Empower on Instagram: https://instagram.com/motherdaughterempower
Mother Daughter Empower on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motherdaughterempower
Connect with Tara on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/tarafilteau

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Pick Your Battles with Tara Filteau