family photography in the Toronto Star

Family Photography in the Toronto Star

I found a Google Alert in my inbox. Imagine my delight, when I opened it up and found my clients’ photo at the head of a Toronto Star article. This one highlights the story of my clients’ 20th wedding anniversary which happened to fall on the 2003 blackout. Here it is:

“My husband and I got married on Aug. 14, 1983. We were looking forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary with a lovely dinner at a restaurant downtown. Then the blackout hit! After making sure that our teenage kids were safe and sound, we invited friends over for a delicious anniversary dinner of canned salmon, canned corn and canned pineapple on our starlit back deck. We marvelled at the brightness and number of the stars in the sky. What a wondrous sight! And here we are, 20 years later, about to celebrate our 40th anniversary.” – Marilyn Shapiro and David Katz

Wedding Anniversary Photography

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