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Leigh + Kathryn’s Spring Engagement

I’ve never quite figured out how to strike up a conversation with someone who catches my eye, and I think a lot of people are in the same boat. Take, for example, Kathryn and Leigh. Lucky for Kathryn, she had a spectacular wingman who struck up a conversation with Leigh while waiting in line at a bar then immediately introduced the two of them. What I find the most sweet about this little story, though, is what Kathryn was thinking before her friend, Anthony, introduced the two of them. You’ll find that below, along with some of my favourite photos from their engagement session in Thornbury, Ontario.

Kathryn: My first memory of Leigh was her standing in line to get into a bar. She was standing in front of my friend and I, and it was my friend Anthony who struck up a conversation with her but I had definitely noticed her beforehand. Thinking that there is no way someone so pretty like her would want to talk to someone like me. Turns out she did!

Leigh: My first memory of Kathryn was when I saw her in line to get into the bar. Her friend Anthony started talking to me and when I turned to talk to him I noticed Kathryn. She was tanned and wearing a white shirt that accentuated the tan. Anthony finally introduced me to her, and we hit it off right away. She told me about her new tattoo and her trip to Australia (hence the tan).

LGBTQ Photography

Love looks like an awful lot of things. This is just one sweet example. And something that makes two people feel so loved, appreciated, and happy as this deserves to be celebrated. I actively seek to work with people from all walks of life, all life experiences, and living the way that makes them as happy as Kathryn and Leigh make each other feel. If this speaks to you, tap right here to email me! You are exactly the type of people I want to work with.

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