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Gupta Family

Sometimes, with a little bit of luck, a lot of hard work, and a wee bit of sugar for the little ones, it just goes perfectly! Like with the Gupta’s Blue Mountain family photography. We met at the Georgian Trail with their diverse and upbeat crew including one grandma, three moms, three dad’s, one teenager and two toddlers. And boy did things go well.

As you’re scrolling through their photos, pay close attention. Some of these photos are portraits, and some are candid moments that happened in the breaks between groups. This is something that was particularly fun with this family.

Blue Mountain Family Photography

I had a lot of fun with the Gupta family, even when the little ones weren’t particularly in the mood to cooperate. And I have some advice for you on how to set yourself up for the same success. Tap here to get my advice on how to prepare yourself and your wee ones for photos.

And when you’re ready, tap right here to contact me to chat about your family photos.

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Gupta Family