Lynch Family

I’m sharing the Lynch family’s photos in the height of COVID-19 social distancing for a reason. Some families are finding it difficult to be separated, but this family knows what it’s like. They are spread out all over the continent. They only all get together once a year, and when they do, they do it up right!

This year they met in Blue Mountain, and in year’s past, they’ve met in the tropics. They don’t care so much where they meet, so much as that when they do, that they are very much together. And you’ll see this in their faces below. Have a look…

Planning for the Future

Planning some serious family time later in 2020? Now is the time to start planning. We can meet via video chat and start planning for some candid photo time with your favourite people when the time comes to be together again. Tap here to contact me and let’s start working on your family photo plans!