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Zhu Family

Sometimes things don’t go entirely as planned. Sometimes the dog steals your shoe. Sometimes you’re late because traffic is TERRIBLE. Sometimes siblings fight. Sometimes you drop all the eggs and make mess all over the floor. And sometimes you take your kids in public and they just don’t want to cooperate. They cry. They cling. And they scowl.

But you know what? Even in those infuriating, tear-inducing, rage-inspiring, exhausting moments, there can exist so much good at the same time!

Of course, not all of these things went wrong for the Zhu family’s photos. But we did have a tired and temperamental toddler expressing his frustration. Julia apologized several times, which is common for parents. Because often parents are embarrassed. And I totally understand why you might be embarrassed by your child making a scene. Most of the time, though, there is no reason to be embarrassed.

Life with crying, screaming, and wild kids is a reality. It’s your reality, and it’s beautiful. Take, for example, the Zhu family photos, below. Despite the tears, we captured some beautiful family moments that the Zhu family will cherish for decades.

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