Midland, Ontario family photos

Manu Family

Paul went searching for a photographer to capture some fall photos with his wife, his 4-year-old son, and his 1-year-old daughter. An easy feat, one might think, with so many photographers to choose from out there. But for some, it can be difficult to find photos of people who look like them. Especially when they’re living in a small, Ontario community. For Paul, though, he knew that I was the choice for his family when he saw that I provide diverse family photography.

This is something that is important to me. Not only because my family includes people from all walks of life and places of the world, but because of the ‘lessons’ people have tried to teach me in the past. When I was in college, we were taught to display photos of our “best-looking clients.” The suggestion was that by showing these images, we would be making it clear the types of people that we want to work with. So that’s what I choose to do… The latter, anyway. I choose to show off images of people that I want to work with. People who want to celebrate their families. People who want to have fun. Ridiculously happy people who might, at times, struggle with seeing themselves the way their family and friends do because of cultural conditions beyond their control. Like the Manu family.

Have little ones? I bet the idea of temper tantrums while trying to smile for the camera stresses you out, doesn’t it? Tap right here to get up to speed on what to expect from your kids at your next family photo session.

Diverse Family Phtography in Midland, Ontario

Is it time for family photos? If so, but you’re not sure where to start to even find the best photographer for you, reach out to me. I’ll help you navigate this oversaturated and overwhelming world of family photography. Tap right here to contact me.

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Manu Family