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Risi Family

Living apart now, the Risis started out as your conventional family. Family dinners held cherished significance, with Michele, a diplomatic mother and Benoit, an energetic father. The firstborn, Jean-Philippe, immersed in reading, has Alice as his fiancée—an artistic yoga teacher. Camille, the outgoing second daughter, has a software programmer sweetheart named Benjamin as her own partner. And it is daughter Anne, once a basketball captain and her adventurous fisherman husband Josh who expanded the family even further with Arthur and Martin. It was my absolute pleasure to meet them, while they were on vacation in Penetanguishene, for a family photo session, capturing moments of enduring togetherness.

Penetanguishene Family Photography

Vacationing in Penetanguishene, Tiny Township, and the surrounding area with your family? Spend just an hour of that time with me, laughing, playing, and cuddling. These family moments will help establish a sense of connection and confidence in your children. It will remind them (and you) that you are loved and supported, daily. Tap right here to schedule your photography consultation.

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Risi Family