Carmichael Family

Every toddler has their own unique personality. Some are silly while others are aloof. Some love to be in front of the camera, but not in front of strangers. Some won’t leave their parents’ sides, and others want to be left alone to play in the dirt. This leaves parents a little uncertain coming to their family portrait session. But take Jenna, Adam, and their wee one’s session as an example of what happens at practically every family portrait session I have with children.

It starts out with lots of cuddles. (Who doesn’t love a sweet photo of them snuggling their kid?) I might ask the parents to goof off a little bit or tickle their little one to get them to laugh.

Eventually they’ll warm up to the idea of me being around. I’ll still keep a bit of distance, and just watch them being themselves, catching photos of them being silly, exploring, or making those faces that are uniquely ‘them.’

By the end of our session, they’re typically totally warmed up to me, laughing with me, and showing off for the camera.

Family Photographer

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