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Karli + Scott’s Midland Engagement

They always say the third time is the charm, and that was certainly the case when it came to Karli and Scott's engagement session. The first time I made the 2 hour trip it began pouring rain right when I arrived. The second I made it half way and the rain scared us off. Read this to see our 3rd successful attempt.
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Jessie + Matt’s Waterfront Wedding

Jessie and Matt's wedding was both English and French. It was both organic and engineered. Traditional and unconventional. Simply put it was a unique beach affair which they shared with close family and friends, and the general public enjoying the hot and sunny summer afternoon. Read this to see Jessie & Matt's beach wedding.
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Jenn + Brandon’s Fall Engagement

Ten years ago Jenn and Brandon met as highschool students. Jenn, a timid freshman and Brandon, a shy and lanky young man, were totally smitten with each other. They were inseparable. See more of Jenn and Brandon's engagement photos here.
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Jenna + Jérémie’s Country Wedding

It is no mystery why Jenna and Jérémie fell in love. He's a sweet and smart guy willing to brave the cold Kingston winter just to see her just for an hour; she is a smart and dedicated woman whose baking unites communities! See their wedding story here.
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Jenna + Adam’s Country Wedding

It's been a long time coming. Jenna and Adam have known each other since elementary school where she was a smart little girl and he was a shy little red head. Today he makes a point to remind her of just how brilliant she is, and she brings out the widest smiles in him. See more of their wedding here.
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A lifetime in my heart

Kayla and Greg won one of my Facebook contests. Perfect timing,…

A + Z’s Wedding

A & Z: two letters which can seem no farther apart but come together with confidence to embrace and support every loving appellation. As people, A & Z are distinctly unique, but in partnership embody this testament to a 'T'. Read this for their wedding story.

Sam + Trevor’s Winter Engagement

Sam and Trevor you were so much fun. Even with frozen fingers…
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You warm my heart

Jenna and Jérémie, I had a great time with you today! You two…