06 Recognition + Acknowledging Others

This episode is all about recognition: one of the 7 core values of BNI, the networking organization where Nikki and Sophia met.

Recognition has such a profound impact on people. By acknowledging the contributions of others, you’ll foster a positive and supportive environment for yourself. This is Sophia has learned in team sports. Being a good teammate and sportsman is stressed in youth sports, and you she really sees the impact of that in adult sports. Those who practice recognition make a lot of friends and have fun playing. They build people up, and because they are always doing that for their teammates (and even their competition) it is reciprocated for them. But those who practice competition over recognition compete with their own teammates and struggle to hold a team together, ultimately missing out on the fun of it all.

It is the same in business and in life. When we say thank you to people around us for any reason, that good will comes back to us tenfold.

Both Nikki and Sophia agree that practicing recognition, in addition to gratitude and mindfulness, is integral in fostering positive mental health. Sophia says that she would be in a vastly different place now, while she is working through depression, if it weren’t for the people in her life telling her that she’s doing a good job.

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06 Recognition + Acknowledging Others