Books to read in 2024

Read These Books in 2024

Here's your 2024 must-read list. These books will entertain you, make you think, and help you connect with your values.
Set boundaries and stick to them with Ridiculously Happy Pplcast

Set Boundaries + Stick to Them

Prioritize your values and needs and live life on your own terms with boundaries. Listen to this episode to learn how.
Gift love for the holidays with the Ridiculously Happy Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Love For The Holidays

Want to give more this season? These gifts will help you build strong bonds with the people you love the most.
Catch up on the Ridiculously Happy Pplcast

Catch Up On The Pod

It's our Season 1 Recap where we look back at our first season of the pod. Watch this to get all caught up on the show so far.
Spend more time with your family with Ridiculously Happy Pplcast

Spend More Time With Your Family

If your #1 priority is your family, listen to this episode and make sure you give focus to what matters most to you.
Recognize and acknowledge others for a job well done with Ridiculously Happy Pplcast

Recognize + Acknowledge Others

Change someone's day by acknowledging them on a job well done. Catch this episode for more on the power of recognition.
Build mental health coping strategies with Ridiculously Happy Ppl

Build Mental Health Coping Strategies

If you're feeling anxious and/or depressed, you're not alone. Listen to this and build mental health coping strategies with us.
Get off social media with Ridiculously Happy Pplcast

Get Off Social Media

What we see on social media is not real, but it can cause us a lot of pain. Watch this and recover from social media overload.
Practice Gratitude + Mindfulness with Ridiculously Happy Pplcast

Practice Gratitude + Mindfulness

If you're struggling with mental health, stop right here and watch this podcast episode with 5 tips to become more mindful.