Get Off Social Media

We start off the show by sharing our top career highlights.

For Nikki, her’s was reaching the point in her business when she was making the same income as she was in her previous job. Being able to work from home and on her own time allowed her the ability to care for her children and really enjoy their childhood with them.

For Sophia, it is photographing women who believe that they are not photogenic. She provides such a positive experience that when they receive their photos, they are blown away by how great they look. But it’s their initial fear of being in front of the camera that inspired this episode.

Social media is so pervasive in our world, we often forget that what we see is an image, not a reality. We’ve seen this in the past in print media. Fashion magazines and music videos have made people feel awful about themselves for decades. But now, we have what appear to be everyday people sharing glimpses into their everyday lives. But in fact, social media is only a highlight reel. It is a selection of images that paint us in the best possible light. This comes to light in the story Sophia shares about her client preparing for a photo session.

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5 Tips For Positive Self-Image

1. Stop following accounts that make you feel like shit. Mute family and friends who leave you feel self-conscious. Sophia, for example, intentionally doesn’t follow other photographers.

2. Hide ads as irrelevant. Sophia tells the story of irritating ads that she kept seeing. She finally started marking those ads as irrelevant, and she doesn’t see them anymore.

3. Get off social media. If you use social media for your business, try to go on only to schedule content and engage with followers. You can even go as far as deleting Facebook, Instagram, and other social apps from your phone.

4. Get photos done. Just for you. Just because. And it doesn’t have to be boudoir. Instead, focus on an aspect of you that you love.

5. Focus on inner strength. Watch episode 2, practice gratitude, and meditate. Work on establishing positive self-esteem from within.

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Get Off Social Media