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Trish + Aaron

Arron got his first glipse of Trish in the lively corridors of Toronto Rehab. Trish was captivated by the charming gentleman near the elevators. Their love story unfolded as Aaron envisioned a future with Trish, solidified by Trish’s realization of his kindness, care, and an infectious sense of humour. Scroll down to see some of Trish and Aaron’s wedding at The Falls Inn & Spa in Walter’s Falls along with a little Q + A about their love story.

What is your first memory of each other?

Trish: Seeing Aaron in front of the elevators at Toronto Rehab and wondering who is this handsome gentleman.

Aaron: Meeting at Toronto Rehab when we were both students on placement. I saw Trish walk into Toronto Rehab and thinking “she looks interesting.”

How did you first know you were in love?

Aaron: When I started to feel like I could see a future with her….

Trish: I had the first glimmer of love early on. But it was confirmed when I began to learn what a kind and caring person he is, in the way he treats his friends and family, and works hard to resolve conflicts in a way that is very conducive to mine, even though it is different. Also when I discovered he has a great sense of humour.

Tell me something ridiculous that has happened to you two:

One time we accidentally got locked outside on a balcony when we were at a cottage with friend in Muskoka. It was on the second floor so we couldn’t jump down, and our friends were playing loud music so couldn’t hear us yell for help. 

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Trish + Aaron