funny holiday video

Happy Holidays, 2022

Have the happiest of Holidays and a wonderful New Year, everyone! Tap here for my annual Christmas video message.
beaver valley engagement photography

Holly + Bree

Six years into their relationship, it's hard to believe that Holly and Bree started out as colleagues. Now they're engaged and expecting a little girl. Read this to check out their engagement photos in the sunflowers.
wedding photography planning

What Does The Wedding Photography Process Look Like From Start To Finish?

Planning your wedding can be complicated and confusing. And for that reason, you want to work with someone who is flexible, fun, and helpful. Read this to discover what it looks like to work with me from booking through printing your wedding photos.
lgbtq wedding photography

Katie + Jennifer

In my line of work, I find there is always one person in a couple who uses more words to get their point across than the other. Katie and Jennifer are no different. Check out their LGBTQ wedding in the Brussels Four Winds Barn and see what they have to say about their first meeting.
wedding photography itinerary

Building Your Ideal Wedding Photography Itinerary

Learn how to build your ideal wedding photography itinerary for your budget and must-have photo list. Read this.
extended family photography

Gupta Family

Sometimes, with a little bit of luck, a lot of hard work, and a wee bit of sugar for the little ones, it just goes perfectly! Like with the Gupta's Blue Mountain family photography. Read this to check out their photos.
professional wedding photographer

What To Expect From Your Professional Wedding Photographer

Working with a professional wedding photographer should be fun. But the fallout of COVID-19 may have left you confused. Read this...
rural family photography

Musehl Family

Get inspired by the Musehl family's rural portraits in Chesley, Ontario. We walked the pond, played on the swings, sat by the fire, and ran around like maniacs int he grass.
understanding your portrait photography contract

Understanding Your Family Photo Contract

When was the last time you understood a contract? When was the last time you even read a contract before signing it? Do you know what should be in your family photo contract? You should! Read this for everything you should see in your family portrait contract and why.