design photo albums

How Do I Design My Own Photo Album?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design and order your own lay flat photo albums from your online gallery. Watch the tutorial for the instructions and to get inspired.
Penetanguishene photographer

Risi Family

Vacationing in the Penetanguishene area with your family? Check out the Risi family photos here. They started out as your conventional family, and over the years have grown and spread out. See this for their beautiful family photos.
photography print artwork

What Can We Use Our Print Credit For?

Printing your photos is an essential part of your proposal, wedding, and family photography experience. That is why I include prints in all packages in the form of a print credit. What can that print credit be used for? Read this to get inspired and to fill your home with love and joy.
bruce peninsula national park grotto Cyprus lake

Brittany + Matthew

When Matthew determined it was time to propose, he set out with a plan. He planned a vacation to Sauble Beach and an excursion to The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park. That's where he dropped down on one knee, right on the shores of Georgian Bay. Read this to see how it went...
basic invite wedding invitations

Elegant Wedding Invitations by Basic Invite

Think back to the last time you received an unexpected hand-written note in the mail. How did you feel about it? Did you hate it? No! I bet you loved it! Because people love thoughtful, intentional notes from their loved ones. Read this for a wonderful resource for couples getting married...
georgian trail large family photography

Johnston Family

Do you think Lorraine and Andy could have imagined the family that they would have when they were first married? Probably only in their wildest dreams. But here they are, 50 years later, with two daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren. It was high time that they made some time for each other. And they had so much fun. Have a look...
Etsy lifestyle products

How Can I Live More Ridiculously Happy?

Check out these practical and beautiful lifestyle tools! Use these products to be more productive and live ridiculously happy!
Collingwood arboretum family photography

Kasungu Family

There is so much diversity in the landscape at the Collingwood Arboret with the brick pergola, the trails, the boardwalk, and the waterfront. That is why the Kasungu family chose to have their family portraits done here.
family photo locations

How Do We Find The Right Family Photo Location?

Choosing the right location is an important component in planning your next family portrait session. And there are so many elements to take into consideration that you might be completely overwhelmed before you even get started. Read this for tips on finding the perfect location and my top recommendations.